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July 27, 2010


Account Deleted

OMG - Fantastic! I'm feeling pretty crappy about my 50mpg TDI right about now :^). I was just in Palo Alto and stopped by the Tesla store and saw the prototype - awesome.

Anyway, put me on the list.


Khris Lewin

Great, Murray! I'm just glad that you weren't writing a show about Nicolas Humvee.


That is too awesome. I was going to say the Chevy Volt when that comes out, but this is FAR better.

How do I submit my resume? BTW I am a great wingman

Jerry Forbes


Good choice! Although I was going to suggest my 568 rear wheel HP 1993 Torch Red (inside & out) Corvette Coupe. But it's loud exhause may not suit you. Certainly it's faster, but not as economical as the Tesla. Mine does get 27mpg on the highway.

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