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March 14, 2011



Murray - that was a hearty rave on a wonderful guy. I too, imagine Louis recounting the strangely marvelous facts of what happened as he flew off that taut rope into the great sublime.

Kathy Andrus

thank you Murray - that is beautiful. I feel like I lost my big brother. What will we do without him?

Kim Sayers-Newlin

Thank-you, You captured the excellent truth of the artist, man, thinker...


Thank you. Lou you will be missed.


Murray, well said, well said. Thank you for that most eloqent description of an amazing man!

Kay Williams Johnson

Wow Murray- this really captures Louis- brilliant, funny, loud, moving around a lot. The IQ of the art community plummeted with this loss- Louis was seriously able to talk about anything at a dinner table, and we will miss his big old laugh.

Julia Evans

Murray, that was fabulous. Thank you for your comments. I never think of Louis without thinking of him energetically (and dangerously) waving the pointer around as he lectured on 20th-century art history. One day he smacked it on something and it broke. The next day he was back with it in hand; repaired with electrical tape. He was a rare gem of a man.

micki Tschur

I am so sad to hear his accident. He was a great teacher. I will never forget the time Louis, Andy T., and I climbed Mt. Princeton and got lost in a snow storm on the way down, frighting but funny- what an adventurer he was.

Lorraine Marie Arangno

That was so beautifully said -- Thank you Murray! I cannot imagine the hallowed halls of UCCS without him. He was such a wonderful colleague and friend.

"Sweet is the Memory of a Dead Friend."


What a perfect encapsulation of Louis' personality. I think I'd sum it all up by saying that Louis was just really a neat person, and we're all fortunate to have known him. He was endlessly patient with me during my bratty art student days, and for that I'll be forever grateful. I'm so sad to hear of his untimely passing. I don't know what else to say. I'm grieving with all of you others who miss him so.

Andy Tirado

Louis' passing has been a truly consequential loss of my life and, I know, the lives of many.Teacher, mentor, and friend, his passing is hard to swallow. How I wish I could hug and kiss him now. Tough. Howebeit life goes on. Thank you, Murray, for your eloquent words here and at the memorial service.

pat alea

I have read your beautiful response to the loss of Louis over and over and have forwarded it to friends who are artists of every stripe and lovers of their own lives. All of us now share the power of authenticity in a fresh way. Thank you, Murray. Louis and Millie and Sarah once spent time with us camping in Montana and while Louis was enigmatic that summer his women were joyous and endured his absenses into the wild with confidence. Louise's family was lit from within.


I didn't know Louis Cicotello. I read about his death in the American Alpine Club's 2013 book of accidents. It was a tragic story, for both Louis and his brother, David. I wanted to know more, and a Google search brought me to this page. I sure like what you wrote, and I feel a sense of loss, as though I got to know Louis a little bit. What a lovely tribute. Thank you.

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