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September 23, 2013


Tim Boddington

Spot on! I was her children's age, I'm guessing, and when i worked with her professionally as a supplier on her jobs, she always made it magical. Thanks for such a fine tribute.

Anna Grady

Thank you, Murray, for this accounting of my mother. You captured alot that is true about her and I'm deeply grateful for your thoughtful reflections. Anna Grady

Jeanie Donahue-Sowell

Never will forget the LWV meetings @ her house w/ my Mum
climbing on cinder blocks to get into the Mesa Rd house...

Rallying w/ Liz to get the Crossroads program up and running @ C.C. every summer...

Driving w/ her in the desert to visit the Hopi Mesa w/Chris...

Liz -Liz -Liz...

Jeanie Donahue-Sowell

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